Modular Lighting Instruments. Architectural lighting with an attitude.

We are inspired by light. Its beauty. What it can do. How it can be used. Where it can be used. The effects it has on every moment of our daily lives. In retail, at work and in our homes. From the beginning in 1980, we made a conscious decision not to be like any other lighting company. We wanted to be different and make a difference. We still do.


What is architectural lighting?


It’s about finding perfect balance. Between the aesthetic appeal of a space and the function and quality of the light. Of course, aesthetic appeal is entirely a matter of opinion and we certainly have an opinion! We are always trying to innovate. Challenge preconceived ideas. Do what has never been done before.


The Modular way


We believe that function is just as important as form. A beautiful light must be beautifully made. Our goal is always to make the most beautifully made beautiful luminaire.

How? Our engineers and designers work and think together. Every single component of our lighting fixtures is examined and re-examined. Every day, always the same question. How can we make it better?

The Modular way of thinking is not just an internal process. We are constantly challenging our customers to challenge us. Working with them to make light fixtures that perfectly fit their needs.


Stage for creativity


Our unique approach has brought success. We have won many international prizes and created luminaires that have become icons in the industry. Going forward, we see ourselves as a stage for creativity. We are already working with international designers and artists outside of the industry. To find original lighting ideas and solutions. When we do, the most important question: how can we make it better?